Friday, December 18, 2009

See Dick's Run From Christmas

If you go into a Dick's Sporting Goods store, don't look for "Christmas." It won't be there.

You won't find it in their newspaper inserts or on their website either. And their television commercials...forget it.

In our research of the Top 100 retailers in America, Dick's advertising is likely the most "Christmas-denying" of all.

We searched high and low for "Christmas" at Dick's, only to find they couldn't care less about Christmas.

Sure, Dick's wants you to buy their products...but no retailer in the nation has appeared to go out of its way to ban "Christmas" more than Dick's.


Email Dick's Sporting Goods president Joe Schmidt, then call Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hennion at 724-273-3222. Let Dick's know their "anti-Christmas" policy is bad for business.

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